Mine Floor Coatings

Guardcote Polymer Solutions specialise in custom polymer floor and wall coatings. Our systems use epoxy or polyurethane systems with custom performance additives. We are manufacturers and specialist applicators of hi-tech coatings for use in industrial, residential, public and civil settings.

Industrial Floor Coatings

Industrial flooring systems from Guardcote deliver high – quality, resilient and durable working surfaces suited to use in a wide range of industrial plant and process environments.

Function specific coatings

We understand how much of a difference high quality specialised floor resin coatings can make in the day to day wear and tear of the industrial workspace. Professional flooring wards off chemical attack, bacterium decay and general wear and tear which characterise industrial spaces.

Safety standards

We understand the need for high safety standards in everyday work environments and aim to achieve the highest quality non slip flooring solutions.

Our portfolio of high performance flooring products includes epoxy and polyurethane resin coating systems which have been manufactured to offer both the strength and safety factors required to deal with a whole host of facility conditions. We have experience in implementing wear linings, chute and impact linings, friction linings, heat tolerant linings, and solvent free coatings.

Our coating offers complete coverage, a sleek, smooth finish making it easy to clean or polish which allows easy maintenance of hygiene and safety standards.

Cost effective solutions

Most industrial organizations require specific needs which is why we tailor our solutions to suit those specific needs. We offer hard wearing, scratch resistant and economical floor coatings. We can manufacture coatings that are anti corrosive, chemical resistant, temperature resistant, anti microbial or non-slip. After consultation with the client and a thorough investigation and evaluation of the site, we formulate each coating using leading edge raw material technologies.