Earth Moving Vehicles

EMV Access Protection

We manufacture Non-Slip Step Nosings and Plates for all Earth Moving Vehicles. That includes all underground vehicles, dump trucks, draglines, and excavators.

Any area on a vehicle that requires human access can be safeguarded with customised plates or step nosings.

Assessment & Fitting

From our experience fitting EMV’s we have established the optimum sizes for step nosings on a variety of commonly used mining vehicles.

Step Plates can be fitted to any area of the vehicle where a slip and fall hazard is possible. Our agents will conduct an onsite assessment to define the size , shape and area to be safeguarded with custom plates.


  • Multiple Anti-Slip solutions

  • Corrosion resistant polymer matrix

  • Sec-Met(Sasol) performance tested

  • Custom colour and finish options

  • Tough, industrial quality and durability

  • Various grit substrate options

  • Water resistant surface

  • Certified high quality products

  • Choice of step nosing & plate materials


Slip resistant EMV step nosings and plates are manufactured from steel or hard-wearing GRP; the coating has specified quartz or grit in the matrix for a highly effective non-slip surface.

Our custom polymer-based system offers corrosion protection, acid resistance, and non-slip surfaces. The composition and application specifications of our epoxy and polyurethane based coatings and systems can be tailored for heavy duty use.


This Anti-Slip System is compliant with chapter 2, sections 11 and 21 of the Department of Minerals and Energy Resources regulations.