Industrial Floor Coatings


Guardflow Range (0.3 – 0.6 mm thick)

This range of coatings is used for industrial storage, utilities, catering and ablution areas. Guardflow polymer resin coatings are customised to suit the needs of each area.

Guardtex Range (1.0 – 5.0 mm thick)

This range of epoxy resin coatings has been developed for high traffic and Anti – Slip areas. Guardtex products are textured polymer coatings in polyurethane and epoxy formulations. For slip resistance we add a highly durable grit to the coating. These coatings are abrasion and chemical resistant, ideal for hard wearing floors.

Colour Palette

Experience, products, service

Guardcote Polymer Solutions specialise in custom polymer floor and wall coatings. Our systems use epoxy or polyurethane products with custom performance additives. We have been manufacturers and specialist applicators of hi-tech coatings for use in industrial, residential, public, and civil settings for over 20 years.

Concrete Floors alone aren’t enough. Why?

The damage caused by heavy traffic, concrete cracks, and shatters over time. Concrete is slippery when wet, leading to accidents. It is unsafe when the floor becomes uneven for both employees and vehicles. It is prone to damp and Mold that is harmful to humans and degrades product. Unprotected concrete floors shed cement dust, a workplace danger and undesirable for processes and product maintenance.

Mine floor solutions

South African mining still accounts for a significant portion of the world’s mining resources. Overall the country is estimated to have the world’s eighth largest mining sector in terms of GDP value. Currently, mining infrastructure faces efficiency, sustainability and safety challenges as infrastructure and plant continue to age. Our particular focus is high performance polymer floor coatings that are engineered for heavy duty industrial use. We have developed a range of safety solutions suited to the harsh conditions of mining.

Industrial floor coatings

Industrial flooring systems from Guardcote deliver high – quality, resilient and durable working surfaces suited to use in a wide range of industrial plant and process environments. We have developed function specific coatings for this purpose. We understand how much of a difference high quality specialised resin floor coatings can make on the day-to-day wear and tear of the industrial workspace. Professional flooring wards off chemical attack, bacterium decay and general wear and tear which characterise industrial spaces. They are also vital to the safety of employees. High safety standards are required for everyday work environments. A major focus for safety is quality nonslip flooring solutions.


  • We produce a diverse range of performance specific floor coatings

  • We have experience in implementing multiple wear linings options

  • We use the highest quality, certified raw materials

  • Anti-microbial, anti-static, anti-slip, and UV resistant additives

  • We can install seamless coverage for utilitarian spaces

  • Smooth finishes for easy cleaning or polishing

  • Maintenance friendly

  • Facilitates hygienic conditions and safety standards

  • Customisable floor markings