Commercial and Residential Floor Coatings


Guardflow Range (0.3 – 0.6mm thick)

For retail, commercial, and residential spaces, Guardflow coatings are specialist polymer resin floor and wall coatings. We customise these products to suit the needs and aesthetics of each area. For both public and residential spaces we recommend either an epoxy or a polyurethane coating or a blend based on needs and budget.

Colour palette

Our expertise

We have been manufacturers and specialist applicators of custom performance and aesthetic additive polymer, (epoxy or polyurethane), coatings for use in commercial, residential, public, and civil settings for over 20 years. We place utmost importance on the rigorous assesment of any refurbishment surface as well as a proven application process.

Why seamless polymer floors?

They are stylish, comfortable, and durable! Our floor coatings are custom made from polymer resins, epoxy, or polyurethanes. One of the most unique things about polymer floors is the completely seamless surface they create. This blank canvas can unite an interior space and provides a minimalist, contemporary and elegant finish, versatile enough to work in any space. They demonstrate high structural resilience, flexibility, durability, and good noise reduction qualities.

Residential floor coatings

Contemporary interior design trends have elevated the look and feel of polymer-based floor coatings. Not only are they durable, but the seamless finish also suits contemporary architecture with its characteristic open plan design. The versatility of polymers means the choice of colour, texture and finish are wide. Polyurethanes and epoxies are also the finish of choice for residential garages and other utilitarian spaces.

Commercial floor coatings

Most commercial and public spaces have specific flooring needs which is why we tailor our solutions to suit those specific needs. We can manufacture coatings that are aesthetically and functionally suited to the brand or institution. Our resin flooring systems are perfect for both retail and commercial environment. The characteristic smooth, seamless look offers a hard-wearing surface using leading edge raw material technologies. Epoxy based floors have extra strong build-up to deal with heavy traffic and wear and tear. Polyurethane resin floors are elastic and flexible, designed to be soft and comfortable underfoot. It is an economical yet versatile option. Both are extremely easy to clean and hypoallergenic due to their completely smooth and continuous finish.


  • We produce a diverse range of performance specific floor coatings

  • The natural elasticity of polymers makes them exceptionally durable

  • We use the highest quality, certified raw materials

  • Anti-microbial, anti-static, anti-slip, and UV resistant additives

  • Smooth finishes for easy cleaning or polishing and maintenance

  • Unlimited colour choices and a variety of textures

  • Facilitates hygienic conditions and safety standards

  • Self-smoothing floor systems developed to be comfortable underfoot

Micro-texture floor coatings

Our Micro – texture floor coatings are polymer-based coatings with added cement, which are perfect companion finishes for floors and walls. The characteristic appearance is a soft, textured looking matte finish reminiscent of a concrete or a plaster finish. Although the application thickness is on average between 2-3mm, the finish is durable and offers a beautiful and bespoke finish. This finish is in high demand in the interior design industry.

For more details on our floor coatings products and services or a quote please ask for a consultant to call you.